Ever wish your pet could tell you if something was wrong ?
Now it is possible with Up4pet, at-home health test for dogs et cats !”

Up4pet has been developed by MEDISUR.
MEDISUR decided to developed a veterinary range because we are pet lovers and because we care for both people and animals wellness. With Up4pet you will be able to monitor your dogs and cats health from the comfort of your own house. It is more affordable and you will be well informed, which lead to more productive visits to the vet.

MEDISUR is a French company created in 2015, and is dedicated to inform and and alert people on the importance of early detection.

Through this large range of at home tests you can prevent several sorts of diseases. And as we know the faster you detect a problem, the easier it is to cure. These health tests have been used for more than 10 years in the hospital environment, our doctors from the R&D team developed them in at home tests so they can be more adapted.

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