Why should I use Up4pet?

By using Up4pet you can monitor your pet’s health.
It is a urine test you can realise from the comfort of your home. Easy to use and painless you will be able to check the most common illnesses.

What illnesses can be detected by Up4pet?

With Up4pet you can test 10 different parameters: urobilinogen, glucose, bilirubin, ketones, specific gravity, bloog, pH, protein, nitrite and leukocytes. Thanks to these parameters, you can early detect kidney failure, urinary tract infection, diabetes, liver disease and dehydration.

How accurate is this test?

Up4pet was calculated from the reference method “Multisix 10 SG”.

Urobilinogen – 99%
Glucose – 94%
Bilirubin – 96%
Ketones – 91%
Specific Gravity – 64% *
Blood – 93,5%
pH – 79%
Protein – 90%
Nitrite – 100%
Leukocytes – 93,5%

*High urine specific gravity can be deformed in the morning because urine is more concentrated.

Why is early detection so important?

Early detection is a real asset as it can prevent an illness and give more chances to fight against it.
With Up4pet you can detect if something is wrong with your pet and then get in contact with your veterinarian.

How often do I have to use Up4pet?

We recommend you test your cat or dog every 3 months. If you find something wrong you can retest your pet with the second strips within the next 48 hours. If there is still an imbalance we advise you to consult your veterinarian.

Can I use Up4pet to monitor my pet on a regular base?

Of course, Up4pet is perfect if you have to regularly check your pet’s health.

Is it difficult to get a urine sample from my cat or dog?

Getting a urine sample from your pet is not that difficult. Up4pet provides you tools and tips to collect urine easily. Remember you don’t need a huge quantity of urine, just enough to fill the vial and immersed the test strip.

Can Up4pet be used on other animals?

Up4pet as been created only for dogs and cats.

Is this test only made for older pets?

Veterinarians have discover that some of the most common illnesses even affect young pets. Up4pet is adapted for both young and old cats and dogs.

Where can I buy Up4pet?

All products are available on our website www.up4pet.com

Do you ship internationally?

You can buy Up4pet from any part of the world through our website www.up4pet.com and we will send it in all Europe.

When is the best time to collect your pet’s urine?

It is better to collect the first urine of the day, or two hours after lunch.

Does Up4pet replace a visit to the veterinarian?

Up4pet should not replace a visit to your veterinarian. It helps you keep an eye on your pet’s welfare.

How much hydrophobic litter should I use?

The quantity of hydrophobic litter should create a thin layer at the bottom of a standard litter box.

Do cats like using the hydrophobic litter?

Hydrophobic litter feels like natural sand, there is no specific scent. We have tested it on our cats and there were no issues.

What should I do if test results are positive?

If some parameters are positive you should call your veterinarian. Bring him the sample you have collected.

What should I do if I do not read the result in time?

The Up4pet box includes 2 identical strips. It would be better to make another test.

Can the hydrophobic litter be used again?

This hydrophobic litter is made for a single use and should not be reused. If there is some left you can keep it for 72 hours only.

What happen if my cat eat some hydrophobic litter?

Our hydrophobic litter is 100% natural and nontoxic.

Do dogs feel stressed when you use the urine collector?

The distance provided by the pole will help you not to interfere while your dog is urinating, which will release any sort of stress or pain.

How should I dispose the hydrophobic litter?

Since the hydrophobic litter is natural and nontoxic you can through it with your other rubbish.

Need more information?

If you would like further information do not hesitate to contact us.