Dog’s urine collector


Up4pet telescopic device collect your dog’s urine in a simple and clean method. It works both on female and male dogs of all size and breed.



This telescopic urine collector is very useful as it gives the owner a safety distance while he is collecting his dog’s urine. And it also relieve stress from your dog.

Extending from 22cm to 67cm it is a reusable tool, and very easy to clean. Compact and light you can store it pretty much everywhere.
The best time to collect your dog’s urine will be the first ones in the morning or 2 hours after lunch.

Let the first spurt of urine and the extend the device to collect urine.
Once urine collection is done with then telescopic device, use the provided pipette and place the sample in the vial. With an Up4pet test strip immersed the 10 reagent areas for 2 seconds and wait 60 more seconds (90-120 seconds for leukocytes) to analyse the 10 different parameters.
With a clock and a pen circle the right colour, it is important to do this as colour changes continuously and you need to be accurate to rightly perform your dog’s health test.

Up4pet dog’s urine collector is very easy to use and it helps you collect urine while staying clean.
We used it and loved it.