Dog’s urine collector


With this telescopic pole you can easily realise a urine test on your dog to check his health.

Up4pet telescopic pole helps you to collect urine in a clean and simple way.
It works both for male and female, from all sizes and all breeds.



The Up4pet telescopic pole is very useful because it provides a security distance from your dog when you collect his urine.
Which is a true stress release for your pet.

It could go from 22 cm to 67 cm, very easy to clean so it can be used again. Being telescopic makes it easier to put it anywhere.

You can find the test box and telescopic pole in our Up4pet kit for dogs.

How to perform a urine test on my dog?

The most appropriate time to collect your dog’s urine is in the morning for the first urine, or 2 hours after his meal.
Do not collect the first spurt as it is not pure.

  • Stretch the urine collector as needed
  • Once your dog urinates, place the pole correctly
  • With the pipette collect urine and place it in the test tube
  • Immerse all 10 indicators in urine for 2 seconds.
  • Remove test strip
  • Wait 60 seconds and 90-120 seconds for leukocytes to read results.

We recommend you to get a pencil and a timer to be as accurate as possible. It is important to respect the indicated times as colours keep changing.

And for my cat?

We recommend the Up4pet hydrophobic litter to collect your cat’s urine in a non-invasive and without stress.

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