Hydrophobic litter


Up4pet hydrophobic litter is 100% natural and nontoxic for your cat.
It is easy to use and non-invasive which will release any sort of stress from your pet.

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UP4pet’s hydrophobic litter is designed to collect your cat’s urine in a simple, clean and non-invasive method.
Package weighs 400g which is an appropriate quantity, a pipette and test tube are provided to ease urine collection.

Use a clean and empty cat box to pour the hydrophobic litter, only a thin layer at the bottom of a standard cat litter box is necessary.
Once your cat has urinated you will see drops of urine which could easily be picked with the pipette and placed in the test tube. Then with an Up4pet test strip immersed the 10 reagent areas in urine for 2 seconds.
Wait an extra 60 seconds (and 90-120 for leukocytes) to analyse the 10 different parameters. It is important to respect timeline as colour continuously changes, you can use a clock and a pen to help you.

Up4pet hydrophobic litter feels like natural sand and there is no specific scent.
We have tested it on our cats and they loved it.