Hydrophobic litter


The Up4pet hydrophobic litter helps you collect your cat’s urine to monitor his health.

This hydrophobic litter is a 100% natural and non toxic.
Easy to use and non-invasives it avoids all source of stress for you cat.



Up4pet hydrophobic litter was developed to collect your cat’s urine in a simple and clean way.

The bag contains 400g of litter, a pipette and a tube test.
200g is enought to make one urine test.

How does it work?

You can find the test box and hydrophobic litter in our Up4pet kit for cats.

  • Use a standard litter box to pour the hydrophobic litter (do not mix with regular litter)
  • Once your cat urinates, few drops will appear on the surface
  • With the pipette collect urine and place it in the test tube
  • Immerse all 10 indicators in urine for 2 seconds.
  • Remove test strip
  • Wait 60 seconds and 90-120 seconds for leukocytes to read results.

It is important to respect the indicated times as colours keep changing.
You can get a timer and pencil to make it easier.

Up4pet hydrophobic litter looks like natural sand and is completly painless.

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