Up4pet Cat Pack


This Up4pet kit helps you realise a urine test on your cat to monitor his health.
It contains hydrophobic litter and the box with 2 tests strips. 

✓ As reliable as the veterinarian test
✓ Known as necessary from several vets
✓ Hold your budget
✓ Easy to use
✓ Non-invasive
✓ 100% natural

In this kit :
– Up4pet test strips for cats x2
– Hydrophobic litter

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With Up4pet realise a urine analysis on your cat as reliable as a clinical one !Within a few minutes you can perform this test.

From now on you can prevent the development of some diseases and monitor their evolution.

With the analyse of 10 indicators, this test can reveal several health issues such as:
– Urine tract infection
– Urine crstals or stones
– Kidney failure
– Liver failure
– Diabetes
– Bladder tumour
– Endocrinal diseases (with further examination)
– Haemolytic disease

How to perform a urine test on your cat?

– Pour the hydrophobic litter into your cat’s litter box (do not mix with the usual litter)
– Let your cat urinates
– With the pipette place urine into the test tube
– Immerse the urine strip for 2 seconds
– Remove test strip
– Wait 60 seconds to read results
– Compare the test strip colours with the ones on the colour chart

How does it work?

Step 1. Pour the hydrophobic litter in the litter box
Step 2. Wait for your cat to urinate
Step 3. With the pipette place urine into the test tube
Step 4. Immerse the test strip for 2 seconds
Step 5. Wait 60 seconds
Step 6. Compare the colours from the test strip with the colour chart

How can you read the results?

The colour chart on the aluminium pouch will help you read the results of the 10 indicators. Then, refer to the instructions (available in several languages on the website) to understand which indicator is link to which sort of diseases : read instructions.

The test will analyse the rate of the following indicators :
Urobilinogen – Glucose – Bilirubin – Ketones – Specific Gravity – Blood – pH – Protein – Nitrites – Leukocytes

Up4pet test strip provides a diagnosis orientation to be completed with a visit to the vet. Thanks to its results, your veterinarian will have valuable information on your cat’s health condition.
In this case, he will decide if it’s necessary to go on with further analysis, change your dog’s diet or start a treatment.

When to perform a urine test on your cat?

We recommend to realise an Up4pet test between to vet’s visits. You can still monitor your cat’s health all year long and be alerted in the event of a problem. In addition, the results will guide you and your veterinarian as you can identify a health issue, even on an early stage.

Don’t be caught by surprise! By performing urine tests on a regular basis, you’re taking preventive actions to take good care of him.

You can get the urine tests or the hydrophobic litter alone.
This kit also exists for dogs.

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